Volvo Group A Picture Gallery Index *

New! - Peter Kroebers Restored Group A Race Car

For more information on Volvo's Group A race cars, go to the links below

Anthony Hyde's Group A Information page.

Christian Edstrom's Group A Volvo Information page.

Dana Howe's "Flathood" Information page.

Dave Barton's page to buy copies (DVD) of mid 80's Group A racing.


*-All of the pictures on these pages were collected from various websites and friends.
For those that originally took the pictures and those that sent me pictures, thank you.

I would also like to thank Anthony Hyde, John Amundsen, Koen Van Brusselen and Peter Kroeber
for the pictures and information they have been so kind in sharing.

If any of these are yours and you would like them removed, please email me and I will do so.
If they are yours and don't mind me having them here, thank you.
Patrick "Tuff240"

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